About the Book

Buy the book here: Flora and the Fern
cover and back separated-01

A young girl, Flora, lives in a dark, lonely, post apocalyptic world where there are no plants or animals left. She discovers a fern which takes her on a enlightening journey through the intricate world of nature.


 Thank you to Karen Arseneau, my mom, who gifted me a “how to write a children’s book” online class. Thank you to Tom Parker who helped me throughout, giving advice and feedback about my ideas and writing. Thank you to Kate Orgill who helped me figure out how to start by developing a character first and taking it from there. Thank you Steve Muddimer who gave me the idea to include animal poop in the story for a bit of humor. Thank you to Caroline Hill who when I first met me corrected my saying, “I’m kind of trying to be an artist” by telling me to believe in myself and say, “I am an artist”. Thank you to Devon Cooley for taking the time to be my editor and brainstorming new ideas with me, if not for you, the cover would be a great disaster and possibly everything else. Thank you to Abby Arseneau, my sister, for letting me read the story to your second grade class and making me feel confident about the book being out in the world. Thank you to Liz Finnegan for showing so much genuine interest in my story-writing endeavor and making me excited to keep working.

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