My Inspiration

I have been asked lately, “What made you decide to write a children’s book?” And, “How did you come up with the idea for it?”

Lots of things have lead me to writing this book, but the original inspiration was just hearing someone else say they were writing a children’s book. It all clicked. I’ve always loved writing here and there, I enjoy educating children and am always looking for new ways to get young ones (and old) to care about the environment. I was about to go live in England for three months, unemployed, and thought it was the perfect time to start a book and share my passion.

PD_0071I had no idea what I was going to write about, just that I was going to do it, and that it would somehow be educational, aesthetically pleasing and about nature. I was talking to a friend and she suggested coming up with a character and letting the story line develop from the traits of said character. I always used to doodle closed eyes in classes (not because I wasn’t paying attention or anything) and wondered what a full person would look like and that’s how I met Flora. She was sad and I wanted to figure out how to make her happy and so I brought her into the world of  wilderness.

My main hope (goal/mission) for this book is to inspire people to look at the natural world in a new way, their own personal way. I hope people are motivated to get outside and see what the wild can do for them. I hope it makes people smile and go exploring, whether it be in a forest, on a mountain or even their own urban backyard. There is beauty everywhere, we just have to stop and see it.


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