The Letter A

Flora and the Fern is a hand lettered book.


Words in script are different from the main font add emphasis and movement to the story.

The main font was written out on paper and transformed into a usable font. It took about two full days to complete. I tried typing in an already existing font, but it felt like my story was missing character. I knew a unique hand made font was the way to go, but I wasn’t sure mine was perfect (especially having taken typography courses in college). One thing that bothered me about my font was that the letter A was skinnier than every other letter, which you may not have noticed (and now you probably will). I was stressing over whether to re-develop my font or not, then my mom told me a story about her grandfather. She said when he used his typewriter a few of the letters would come out differently and she “could definitely tell it was his.” If she looked at a document today she’d be able to point his out in any stack. This changed my view on my own, slightly wonky, font. I decided to keep it as it was despite the imperfections. See them for yourself: Flora and the Fern


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