Market Research, I need your help!


When I first had the idea to write a children’s book, I wanted it to be unique (as most authors do). I imagined it to be a book for pre-teens, but not a chapter book. It had to have illustrations. Throughout my life I never really got into reading. I loved the idea of reading, looking at book covers and reading their synopsis, but that’s as far as I got. I would to turn toward picture books or magazines once I was too old for kids books (which I now love again). I wanted to write a book that would connect with children who could read, wanted to learn, but maybe couldn’t find the right book.

Flora and the Fern has an edge to it. The main character is moody, but adventurous and there are many layers to the story-line, including revenge and death in its 82 pages. I think the illustrations tell a story themselves and the words add to it. Even the font is hand created. My hope is that children and adults alike will enjoy and learn something from my book even if they didn’t mean to.

If you are interested in the book, please take this survey. I’m waiting for my first proof of my book and the next step is setting up cost for sales. I want to make it best for my customers!

Here is the link:

Many thanks!


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